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Amelie & Finn

Twins, Finn and Amelie invented Happy Portions on a restaurant menu while celebrating their 8th birthday. Helped by younger brother Alec, after some later playing about with a whiteboard they perfected gameplay as it now stands. Possibly the youngest game developers in the world.

The great coders at Touchtech have helped bring it to life. These 3 young game developers have great ideas for updates including bonus portions, golden double point lines, timelimit plays, leaderboard and gamecenter options for remote challenges. Get enough people downloading the game and they'll do it.

Please send any other cool ideas to

Amelie & Finn
Prototype moment of creation on restaurant menu

The moment of creation..


Easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game that you can play by yourself or match-up on your device versus others

Varying levels of complexity and AI difficulty. (Finn is the current self-annointed worldchampion grandmaster. Get enough people playing and we'll add this gamecentre to give you a chance to knock him off the perch!)

Flex the brain cells. It has been said that this game could extend visualspatial cognitive function to radical new levels. (Makes you smarter)